6/26/2017 Annie & The Bang Bang @ Open Eye Figure theatre 

Annie began the night by stepping onstage and immediately asking, "How's everyone tonight?" To which everyone screamed either, "Great!" or "Woooo!" But none of us were ready for the power & energy Annie was packing in her glorious Zubaz trousers(sorry Annie, expect a royalty check of BIG bucks😉). She started with a faster vibe to... Continue Reading →

6/13/2017 Celtic Woman @ The Orpheum Theater, Mpls 

This review begins at Grumpy's Bar in downtown Minneapolis. I went there because my pinball fascination was running strong. While I was passing the bar I heard a couple Dublin accents. Being the nosey neighbor I inquired if these lovely folks were indeed Dubliners. They replied, "Ay, what gave it away, our teeth?" "Naw, I... Continue Reading →

6/16/17 The High 48s album release @ the Cedar Cultural Center

To start the night off the Brilliant Mother Banjo(Ellen Stanley) serenaded us eager fans. Ellen's voice makes the gospel-oriented tunes the most exciting music you've ever heard. She compliments this greatness with a positive attitude. Watching a set by Mother Banjo is such a pleasure and you leave with a greatly improved attitude.  Thank you... Continue Reading →

06/14/2017 Jillian Rae June residency @ the Aster Cafe with Lott.

Lott began by blowing us away looping her violin into harmonious ballads while occasionally unchaining her punk soul. She explained her newest fashion endeavor, rooted in modern Asian accessories, customized surgical masks that, as she explained as "Satire mixed with rad shit."  Cue Jillian Rae. She confessed that this was one of her first sets... Continue Reading →

06/13/2017 The 99ers – Pop Punk Girl

Front image of The 99ers - Pop Punk Girl The 99ers latest album release is a brilliant album of pure energy titled "Pop Punk Girl." The band summed up the energy & spirit of this collection perfectly, "If this album could be channeled into the [power] grid, we'd be an energy independent nation." A sentiment... Continue Reading →

6/2/2017 RudeGirl, Trash Street, KillerySweets @ Whiskey Junction.

Another wonderful night @ Whiskey Junction on Friday, June 2nd 2017. The night opened with KillerySweets, fronted by the lovely Jessie Bryan(RudeGirl lead singer) and she foreshadowed the brilliance to be had.  If there's one band I've been pretty obsessed with for the past couple years it's RudeGirl. If you don't know them, you really... Continue Reading →

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