11/27/2012 Murder By Death @ The Triple Rock.

This show I was super-excited about. This one was at the Triple Rock and was headlined by Murder By Death, an indie band that is riddled with hard rock plus speed that one could easily consider punk. But a big plus is the presence of a cellist. I played the cello in high school and am always interested to see strings involved with a band especially in the rock category. You would think that a string section in a rock band would get drowned out, but the cello played loud & proud! The cellist, Sarah Balliet, was literally ripping the strings off her instrument(she broke a whole lot of bow-hairs onstage) and that kind of passion is so exciting to watch! Murder By Death was very high-energy and really intricate. Oh I almost forgot, there is a mandolin player as well! Who doesn’t love a mandolin player? I know I do! So that is the breakdown of the last week of my life. 


Murder By Death @ Triple Rock 

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