03/13/2018 The Dollyrots/The Von Tramps/The Melismatics @ James Ballentine VFW, Mpls.

On this warm, mid-winter day I was excited all afternoon to attend The Dollyrots RAH! RAH! RADICAL Tour 2018 event that going on at the Uptown VFW, one of my favorite venues in Mpls. I had never seen The DollyRots, but I knew their sound from streaming their tunes online. They are an up-tempo pop... Continue Reading →

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12/01/2018 Gully Boys with Gender Confetti @ The Nomad World Pub.

https://gullyboys.bandcamp.com/ Having experienced Gully Boys & Gender Confetti previously I knew to expect a supremely energetic show. I was ready to get my punk rock groove on. Our current political sphere decidedly NEEDS regular doses of music with attitude & progression.  Gender Confetti rocking! Elyse & Sylvia sure know how to fill every venue they... Continue Reading →

11/17/2018 Cursive at the Turf Club.

The event I had been waiting for months had finally arrived. Cursive returned to St. Paul at the Turf Club, a personal favorite of mine. They were on tour celebrating their brilliant new album entitled Vitriola. I've seen Cursive around 10 times and each show energized me to unheard of levels. Having been a huge... Continue Reading →

07/05/2018 Isotope by HATCH Dance Co. feat. Poolboy @ the Southern Theater.

On a immensely comfortable Thursday night in Minneapolis I attended an exciting night of modern dance created by the company called HATCH Dance Company who meld modalities and approaches with a hip twist. Local artists Helen Hatch and Seth Conover, of Poolboy, confront the shadow self through original live music and fresh movement from a vibrant group of dancers. The... Continue Reading →

In addition to welcoming spring to the cold, dark north I was fortunate to attend a sold out show at 7th St. Entry. Days N' Daze came to Minneapolis joined by the bands The Antidon'ts and Drones. With eager feverishly assumed a spot at the front to watch the first band, Drones. I had not realized... Continue Reading →

🎶'And Lord knows, I LOVE to Dance!'🎶 This surreal night began with a duo named Nineteen Fourteen, a pair consisting of cellist Janet Schiff and percussionist Victor DeLorenzo(org drummer of ​Violent Femmes & father of Malachi DeLorenzo)Various tempos played sidekick within the battle of chamber music vs. punk aggression. A rollercoaster of emotions flashed all through my... Continue Reading →

04/18/2018 The Lillingtons w/Make War & New Rocket Union @ 7th St Entry

Spring in Minneapolis has not been ideal whatsoever! In the greater twin cities a cumulative amount of 14 inches just assaulted our peaceful city.😡However a show I've been very excited for was the one going on tonight. I've been a diehard fan of The Lillingtons, a pop punk band from Newcastle, Wyoming. When I first... Continue Reading →

On the night of Saturday, April 7th was an event that I knew would utterly shatter all previous experience. Cloud Cult, one of my all time Favorite bands was joined by the MN Orchestra at their main venue, Orchestra Hall located on the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. Having never been to an event here... Continue Reading →

On this calm, not too frigid Minnesota night I ventured to Day Block Brewing Co. for a collection of local brilliance. Theyself, the Nunnery, and Good Night Gold Dust were the featured bands tonight. Having seen each previously I knew to expect highly enjoyable music. The night started with Good Night Gold Dust who brought... Continue Reading →

In the current music sphere we all exist in one band has been a particular favorite of mine, The Last Revel. A trio of men collectively playing the guitar, banjo, upright bass, fiddle, and kick drum. They label themselves as 'Front Porch Americana,' but their level of bluegrass is very high. 2018 welcomed spring with... Continue Reading →

On one of the warmer days of spring 2018 the annual gathering surrounding Boiled in Lead, a local rock band tinged with Gaelic elements. Imagine the Dropkick Murphys but local and not impossibly expensive. One of my new favorite music duos opened the night, SisterTree, an incredible female duo with a focus on the great... Continue Reading →

As I was finishing up a shift at the Southern Theater with no drama from any patrons I felt my night was off to a Great start. Just as I was received a text from my friend who shall be named "D" in this situation. I could tell you their name, but if I did I'd... Continue Reading →

The JAM has begun! In the wake of the near-fatal car crash called the Super Bowl comes a brilliant night of derby and tunes! It's dubbed CasaBLAMca!, a night featuring two derby bouts and wonderful music played at halftime. The first bout was the Dagger Dolls vs. the Rockits. The second was the Garda Belts vs. the Atomic Bombshells. These two matches... Continue Reading →

01/25/2018 ‘A Disappearing Act’ @ The Southern theater by Single Shoe productions.

It's been that kind of year. Meaning the need for intricate, physical-based performance has been very high. Having seen previous performances by Single Shoe Productions I knew to expect high caliber physicality and inciteful storytelling from Philipa Tomas & Bradley Smith(pictured above & below). We were all gathered together for what was to be the... Continue Reading →

01/12/2018  Real Punk Radio presents: Aloha from Hell, The Toxenes, Liquor Beats Winter, Trash Street @ The Hexagon Bar.

Image for Hexagon Show 01/12/18. It was a cold, cold night in America's greatest city, Minneapolis. Some of my favorite bands of all time were playing at the Hexagon. I couldn't think of anything better to celebrate the pre-Super Bowl Sh!t show about to take place than to get my punk rock on with some... Continue Reading →

12/23/2017 The Silverteens Xmas Show @ Eagles 34 (w/ the 99ers, Kelly’s Zeros, Laughing Stock.) 

It was that time of year again. No not the yearly visit to the relatives where you fear any conversation revolving around our terrific, orange Potus😒, but rather to celebrate with Mpls's great band, The Silverteens. I've been returning for 3 years and plan on continuing this fine holiday tradition. Upon entering the Eagles 34... Continue Reading →

12/15/2017 HolidayDream @ the Southern Theater.

Having seen past incarnations of HolidayDream I was obviously eager to see the 2017 version. The performance is presented by The Minnesota Dance Collective, a dual training & performance company located in the Twin Cities. I have been very impressed with the energy and happiness present in the dancers. The music was lively and up tempo. 

12/16/2017 In a gallery far, far away… *my official 1st visit😎*

Poster for "In a gallery far, far away..." I have officially visited the exhibit In a gallery far, far away! If the words "star wars exhibit" don't activate the excitement portion of the brain, then it's imperative for some serious psychological treatment. Crassness aside, I've been very excited to finally see & gleefully indulge in... Continue Reading →

12/9/2017 A Tribute to the Replacements @ the Turf Club.

This night is a tribute to one of one of best bands to come out of the twin cities, a group called The Replacements. They are a great band that was a big presence in the 90s rock scene. The bands playing are The Melismatics, Early Eyes, The Bad Men, ahem, The Mad Ripple, Eleganza!, 26¡, The Revenge Wedding, Al Church, Curtiss A,... Continue Reading →

12/8/2017 Cloth @ the Southern Theater(Exposed Brick Theatre)

Cloth is a performance at the Southern Theater in Mpls by Exposed Brick Theatre. I do not believe I have seen any previous performances. I do know a few of the performers and other members of the ensemble. I was very excited to see the great artists I'm familiar with do some great work. The description of... Continue Reading →

12/2/17 331 Club – Black Widows, The 99ers

Poster for 99ers/Black Widows show. Merry Xmas Really Sucks! is what I've been saying pretty regularly for the past many years. I don't hate Christmas in any way *seriously* but I would just like to quote their brilliant holiday tune: "If you see St. Nicholas, gonna kick him in the A-y-a-y-a-y-ass" Truly stated what with the fascination of... Continue Reading →

12-05-17 Winter Ball @ the Nomad World Pub

Welcome to the first night of true winter weather. The thick jackets, scarves, bomber hats were aplenty at the Nomad World Pub, the premiere venue for int'l futbol and fantastic local music with regular residencies of great local music located in the west Bank of Mpls. This night was dedicated to the West Bank School of Music,... Continue Reading →

11/28/2017 SoFar Sounds November Mpls show. 

Welcome to the SoFar Sounds pop-up concert existence. The venue on this exciting Tuesday night was Day Block Brewing Co.'s Event center. Once the locale was released I was very happy and especially excited for this show because I frequent Day Block and have been to many concerts there. I highly suggest getting involved with SoFar Sounds because... Continue Reading →

2017 Twin Cities Horror Festival. 

"This is Halloween, This is Halloween," is my usual mantra in the time up until the glorious holiday. I celebrate this wonderful time of year with Halloween festivities and turning a year wiser on October 25th😁. One big aspect that makes me very happy is the Twin Cities Horror Festival. It's 11 days of thrills, dancing, murder,... Continue Reading →

11/15/2017 Feast Of Fools by Interact @ The Lab Theater

If you are in to live theater or performance around the twin cities you've heard of Kevin Kling(storyteller extraordinaire). So of course it was imperative that I attend Interact's performance of "Feast Of Fools" which is currently performing at the Lab Theater in Minneapolis until Dec. 9th.  If you enjoyed Kevin Bacon's brilliant film Footloose and were upset law forbidding dancing &... Continue Reading →

10/26/2017 Boomtown Riot(album release) w/ The Shackletons, The Usual Things, & Dan Tedesco.

On a cold night in Minneapolis there is nothing better than going to a rock show in a nice intimate venue such as one of my favorites, 7th St. Entry.  Dan Tedesco started the night on a great note with some passionate guitar strumming with philosophic lyrics. One repeated phrase that stuck with me was,... Continue Reading →

10/18/2017 MASK: exhibit finale + artist talk @ the Gamut Gallery. 

In a country that seems so righteously chaotic Morgan Pease presents highly structured anarchy with MASK: New Works by Morgan Pease. I was quite taken with the amount of depth present in every canvas. Being monocular, as I've mentioned before, I'm unable to see 3D like most others because of a blind left eye. But viewing Morgan's work... Continue Reading →

10/7/2017 Maple & Beech album release with Paul Spring & Bora York @ Day Block Brewery

Paul Spring started the night with some hot guitar picking. Somber lyricism complimented the multi-layered guitar strumming. I was instantly transported back to Montmartre, Paris enjoying my afternoon glass of some tasty Beaujolais wine. All that was needed for this reverie was an accordionist sporting a beret. I enjoyed Paul's playing quite a bit. One song that... Continue Reading →

9/27/2017  A funny thing happened on the way to the (Wene)Forum😋. With an appearance by Step Rockets. 

On this bright, mild Wednesday I was returning home from St. Paul yesterday walking from the lightrail station past the Good Arts Collective locale the Good Arts Collective, an arts organization that curates local performing arts/music/visual arts events focusing on the local scene. I've seen one other event that took place inside the building so I'm... Continue Reading →

‘When I Nod My Head You Hit It With The Hammer’ @ the Southern Theater.

WLDRNSS, a Jon Ferguson led performance company (formerly Theatre Forever) performed 'When I Nod My Head You Hit It With The Hammer' to an enthusiastic crowd. I was eager to see the latest work from "the artists formerly known as Theatre Forever" as I've seen many of Jon's previous projects. The action resides mainly in the... Continue Reading →

9/9/2017 ExactlyNo album release with Wild Age/Drumbeat Red.

9/9/2017 Wild Age kicked off this exciting night with great speed to ignite the waiting audience. I was quite excited to hear the song "Down The Well." That personal favorite of mine was played with great passion and a hint of anger on the aggressive parts. Greatness was had on my part throughout their entire set.... Continue Reading →

8/24/17 Aster Cafe Home Fires Thursdays with special guest The Harmaleighs

This day was complete with great weather, so naturally I decided to go see "Maudie" at St Anthony Main. I then went to the Aster Cafe, a regular venue for moi, & decided to stay for Home Fries Thursday. What a great ending to a wonderful day. The Harmaleighs began the night with some toe-tapping tunes... Continue Reading →

8/16/17 Grandpa & Bear with Rachelle LaNae at The Aster Cafe. 

The night started off with Rachelle serenading us with tunes of hope fused with soulful singing. Some deep emotions cut through some of her light hearted ballads. Ranelle really impressed me with amazing energy and enjoyable songs. Onwards to Grandpa & Bear, aka Hardcore Sex. They opted for the G & B pseudonym. A wise... Continue Reading →

7/25/17 Aster Cafe/Kari Arnett/Savannah Smith with Ryan Acker (The Last Revel)

Kari Arnett began with some philosophical ballads weighing heavy on our hearts(rather MY heart) purging any emotion hanging around. She then picked up the pace with some tunes off her upcoming album. Onto Savannah Smith. She began with her trusty ukulele and a few ballads with her powerful voice. Her sweet voice cut through the... Continue Reading →

7/7/2017 The 99ers / The Putz / That’s What You Get @ Eagles 34, Mpls. 

On a beautiful night in Minneapolis I attended a night of 2 bands that I know, and love(The 99ers/That's What You Get & one I've not seen, The Putz. That's What You Get started the night off with the right amount of power that was equal parts distrust of society and a pretty big F-YOU. According to... Continue Reading →

This wonderful night began with a small pre-show party at Stephen's, 99ers lead guitar/singer, house.  Upon arriving I encountered a talkative feline princess who announced my arrival to the house. I had some great food. discussed with the others topics such as: - which member will control what part of the world - which instrument... Continue Reading →

7/5/17 Mary Bue w/Charlie Parr @ Aster Cafe.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beginning a summer night with some intricate strumming from Charlie Parr. He gets everyone's toes a-tappin' and our emotions purged from each lovely song. I am especially fond of "Remember Me When I Forget." It's powerful for me because of the focus on memory and the whys and hows... Continue Reading →

6/26/2017 Annie & The Bang Bang @ Open Eye Figure theatre 

Annie began the night by stepping onstage and immediately asking, "How's everyone tonight?" To which everyone screamed either, "Great!" or "Woooo!" But none of us were ready for the power & energy Annie was packing in her glorious Zubaz trousers(sorry Annie, expect a royalty check of BIG bucks😉). She started with a faster vibe to... Continue Reading →

6/13/2017 Celtic Woman @ The Orpheum Theater, Mpls 

This review begins at Grumpy's Bar in downtown Minneapolis. I went there because my pinball fascination was running strong. While I was passing the bar I heard a couple Dublin accents. Being the nosey neighbor I inquired if these lovely folks were indeed Dubliners. They replied, "Ay, what gave it away, our teeth?" "Naw, I... Continue Reading →

6/16/17 The High 48s album release @ the Cedar Cultural Center

To start the night off the Brilliant Mother Banjo(Ellen Stanley) serenaded us eager fans. Ellen's voice makes the gospel-oriented tunes the most exciting music you've ever heard. She compliments this greatness with a positive attitude. Watching a set by Mother Banjo is such a pleasure and you leave with a greatly improved attitude.  Thank you... Continue Reading →

06/14/2017 Jillian Rae June residency @ the Aster Cafe with Lott.

Lott began by blowing us away looping her violin into harmonious ballads while occasionally unchaining her punk soul. She explained her newest fashion endeavor, rooted in modern Asian accessories, customized surgical masks that, as she explained as "Satire mixed with rad shit."  Cue Jillian Rae. She confessed that this was one of her first sets... Continue Reading →

06/13/2017 The 99ers – Pop Punk Girl

Front image of The 99ers - Pop Punk Girl The 99ers latest album release is a brilliant album of pure energy titled "Pop Punk Girl." The band summed up the energy & spirit of this collection perfectly, "If this album could be channeled into the [power] grid, we'd be an energy independent nation." A sentiment... Continue Reading →

6/2/2017 RudeGirl, Trash Street, KillerySweets @ Whiskey Junction.

Another wonderful night @ Whiskey Junction on Friday, June 2nd 2017. The night opened with KillerySweets, fronted by the lovely Jessie Bryan(RudeGirl lead singer) and she foreshadowed the brilliance to be had.  If there's one band I've been pretty obsessed with for the past couple years it's RudeGirl. If you don't know them, you really... Continue Reading →

8/28/2013 Desaperacidos At First Avenue 

I had the pleasure to see Desaparecidos, a band Rolling Stone dubs as Conor Oberst's Punk Band. Desaparecidos are harder and more action-packed music than his solo works so I agree with the punk category. The band is great! They are well lyric-ed and up-tempo project for Conor to expand his multiple talents in the music world. ... Continue Reading →

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